Paul Kent

.NET Developer (AngularJS, jQuery, C#, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Onion Architecture, Azure Cloud)

I survived FireBootCamp!

It has been an incredible 9 weeks at FireBootCamp (21 Jul - 19th Sep 2014).

I went into FireBootCamp as a fairly experienced developer and I feel that I've come out so much better. My key technology highlights include AngularJS, Azure Websites, WebJobs, Storage Queues. I also learnt how to do Scrum properly in order to be Agile not Fragile.

FireBootCamp not only taught us about technology skills but also about the importance of helping others, the importance of communication skills and how to enhance your own career development.

One wise piece of career advice I received from my mentor Adam Stephensen who told me:  "Don't get a job and only do the job". He advised me to specialise in something and become really good at it. Blog about, present it to user groups and to help people in the community when they need help. As a result I have made my first steps towards this and have started this blog to post solutions to problems or things which I have learned along the way and to help others who might stumble upon the same issues.

I have to thank all my fellow FireBootCampers for the incredible 9 weeks. Thank you to my mentors Adam Stephensen and Adam Cogan at SSW. Thanks to all the guest speakers. Thanks to all the SSW employees who have helped out when we were stuck on a difficult problem. Thanks to Marlon Marescia for your guidance and support. I am grateful.

This has got to be the best professional training course I've been to so far. As AdamS mentioned on our last day, the real work starts after the bootcamp. And so the work for me now begins…

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